Monday, May 26, 2008

My Fabulous Knitting Needle Roll

Well I finished my roll for my knitting needles and I LOVE it!

Here it is all rolled up:

And here is the inside:

I went a little skull crazy. I found the inside skull fabric at Beverly's. It is also Alexander Henry. I thought the hearts as the lining was cute enough to balance out all the skull action. Everything fits perfectly. I want to make another one with the pin up print. That would be adorable.

I have a ton of fabric left so I decided to sell these on Etsy. Let me know what you think. There are more pictures on Etsy too.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello, My name is Brit and I Bought More Yarn Today

This is really scaring me. My cash flow doesn't need another outlet. Damn you Craftster and Ravelry. Without the two of you I would have never known that I had a dormant passion for yarn/ fiber. I knew nothing of spinning, felting and dyeing. What the hell?!?!??!?!

Now I find myself wanting a spindle and I know at one point I am going to want a wheel. I have already planned out anniversary and Christmas presents for family and friends. I have online fiber vendors with thier very own folder in my favorites. I discovered a specialty yarn shop RIGHT BY MY JOB and what's even worse is that it's across the street from JOANNS and MICHAELs and in the same building as Paradise Sewing where I bought my Ella (sewing machine). It's all stacked against me. I'm crumbling under the purling pressure. I am too weak to fight.

I already feel guilty about my fabric stash but I understand it and work with it. I know how to get rid of mistakes that should have never made thier way into my closet but now I have to learn all about yarn and roving. Hopefully, I will just take this slowly and the guilt will be minimal. If your reading me. I just need suggestions on good places to start and good beginner projects. Good online vendors and what are the best needles to buy. I bought some bamboo size 7s today and I really like them. I figured they are easier on the environment. I'll do a little research on that.

Well the two, knitting and sewing, will come together when I get my new fav fabric.
I was looking for a pattern to make myself a knitting needle roll and ran across this fabric. It's perfect to take the granny out of the entire deal. The fabric is designed by Alexander Henry. I am pretty sure you will love his prints if you don't already. He has some really cool designs like the Calaveras (Day of the Dead Celebration Skulls--love them because they remind me of my trip to CanCun. Skeletal murals are everywhere)pin-up girls and hot cowboys. I also plan on making a cool sewing machine cover out of this too. He also does some cool vintage-type prints too. So if you love vintage prints but don't want to spend $150/yd, these might be your fix.

Ok. So I promised pictures of my Charlie Bag.

I am especially proud of this bag because I figured out how to put in a lining all on my own and I also used my new French seams knowledge. The result a clean, cute, fully lined bag that helps the environment. I used it today in buying my yarn and the girl at the counter gave me a compliment. Totally worth the work. Here's a gratuitous lining shot:

I made two for a girlfriend and she strutted around her house with both of them. She said that she can now look her nose down at all 'those plastic bag users' especially as she gets into her Prius. AWESOME! It's so nice to see someone swoon over your work. I must make more. I got the free pattern at BurdaStyle.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another friggin hobby

knitting counts right. This blog is about clothes where as long as I only knit things that I can wear it is totally alright if I spend all my money on YARN AND FABRIC right?!?!?!?!?!!?

Here is a pic of what I am working on

It is a ruffle scarf using Lion Brand ruffles yarn.

The curiosity started with the Fiber Friday posts on Crafster Women dye and spin these beautifuls yarns and post them here. Then someone mentioned about how they cannot wait to get thier Ravelry invitation.My Profile on Ravelry Then I participated in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap and there is the birth of another hobby/habit.

The more I participate on these sites I see that I am not the only one that has creative ADD. It seems to be an epidemic. Look at the rise of sites like Etsy, Crafster,Ravelry, Pattern Review and the massive DIY movement period. Economists say its def a sign of an oncoming Depression. Interesting and totally random.

I have also discovered that San Diego has a decent selection of yarn shops...I would say at least six or so that actually have some cool stuff. Of course everything on line is cheaper but when in a bind I have choices to run too. I cannot say the same of our fabric stores. (They basically suck).

Anywho....I have finally gotten back to Ella (my Singer) and we made a grocery shopping bag today. It's perfectly lined and sturdy with French seams throughout. Its in a loveley red plaid that I got from Beverly's. I love plaid but I don't think I can wear it so I figured accessories will fill that need.

I'll post a pic of the bag when my computer co-operates, probably tomorrow.

References to other posts:OR UPDATES!!!!

Well I ordered from Fashion Fabrics and I was not all that impressed. I ordered 1/8 of a yard of about 6 fabrics. Waited forever and TWO showed up. I'm glad that I wasn't working toward a deadline or anything. I haven't bothered to call and ask what happened to the others. They were extra fabric choices for a girlfriend and the funny part is that she liked the ONE fabric that they sent. The other was a silk dupioni plaid for me. (it didn't knock me out.) So I will order the fabric for her dress but I am still in search of my fav online fabric store. Lemme know if you have any suggestions.