Monday, November 29, 2010

Did you get gravy on your sweater?

So we spend days, months and sometimes years putting together gorgeous sweaters for ourselves and others  with the hope they are actually worn. The problem with people wearing things is that they get dirty with use, stained immediately or sometimes even pill. What's a girl to do with her beloved dirty hand knit? Ship it to The Laundress in New York. Lindsey and Gwen will lovingly wash, de-pill and dry your sweater with Eco-friendly products. Your sweater is then lovingly folded, packaged and returned in better condition than you have ever seen it for a mere $36 per item.

These two are not just two sweater washing grannies working out of their basement. Each has a degree in Fiber Science and Textile management  from Cornell University and have worked for the likes of Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and CHANEL.

They also do denim services. Check out their blog for garment care tips.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mean Girls 2

I am not sure how this version is in any way a sequel in that there are none of the original actors, writers (Tina Fey) or charm. It is obvious from the trailer that this version will not lend another classic line like : "Boo, you whore!!" (Say it out loud to get the full effect.) Amazing, isn't it?

In this version it's the Anti-Plastics vs. The Plastics. In reality The Plastics would wipe the floor with their flannel wearing nemisi but I will rent the DVD just to see exactly how the not-the-Lindsay's will reign victorious. Yes, Disney is wise enough to know that there is no box office draw to this film but if you're at the Red Box on a random Tuesday night....

Here's the trailer : um, enjoy? *shrug*
Mean Girls 2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If you want to spend $5,000 today......

Mark Ryden, one of my favorite artists has released two new portfolios for sale on his website. The portfolio pictured is "The Snow Yak Show Print Portfolio".

MAC and Dutch Industrial Designer Marcel Wanders Collection launches today

Today MAC in collaboration with  Marcel Wanders is launching a new collection. One that isn't about color but about structure and packaging.

I am always amazed at Mac's ability to keep our interest with at least two new launches a month. Sometimes they are about new colors but at this point the more interesting launches include a story as with the Tartan Tails or just about cool new packaging. We already love the brand..we just want another reason to buy more MAC. The packaging gimmick gets me as I am always de-potting and condensing my makeup to be as efficient as possible. My kit is huge and the last thing I need is more makeup with awkward angles and bobbles on it to make my life even more difficult. So this means that cool newly designed packaging goes into my personal collection of makeup. Treats galore. MAC always comes through and gives the makeup artist with over 50lbs of makeup another reason to buy and I love them for that.

You can check out the work of Marcel Wanders at

Read an interview with Marcel about this collection here.