Monday, November 29, 2010

Did you get gravy on your sweater?

So we spend days, months and sometimes years putting together gorgeous sweaters for ourselves and others  with the hope they are actually worn. The problem with people wearing things is that they get dirty with use, stained immediately or sometimes even pill. What's a girl to do with her beloved dirty hand knit? Ship it to The Laundress in New York. Lindsey and Gwen will lovingly wash, de-pill and dry your sweater with Eco-friendly products. Your sweater is then lovingly folded, packaged and returned in better condition than you have ever seen it for a mere $36 per item.

These two are not just two sweater washing grannies working out of their basement. Each has a degree in Fiber Science and Textile management  from Cornell University and have worked for the likes of Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and CHANEL.

They also do denim services. Check out their blog for garment care tips.


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