Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!! Update on what I am knitting.

2010 has been such a busy year for me that my knitting mojo just completely jumped ship. Every time I would attempt to pick up a current project I would fall asleep. A little confused, I began to question this knitting funk. Besides just being exhausted I was had to ask myself what the problem really was. I have not finished a major project in 2010 (socks excluded) nor have I purchased any new yarn except for my Loopy Ewe sock club packages that I actually sold as I knew at this rate I would never get to them. Then the "AHA" moment arrived. The culprit was my well intentioned Knitting Knew Years Resolution to not start any new projects until every UFO I have is completed. Talk about a buzz kill.

Knitting is a hobby to be enjoyed, indulged and enabled by you and your knitting buddies. This little knitting gestabo-like resolution I executed had killed everything I loved and really am as a knitter. I am Ms. Startitis. I scroll through what my friends are putting in their ques, actually starting, finishing and all new Ravelry patterns to get inspiration for my next new knitting love.(Upon final edit I realized I didn't mention looking through my own que. That might be a GOOD resolution.) I start many projects at once but I also realized that I will get hit with finishitis. There are times that all I want to do is finish everything on my needles. That doesn't mean everything gets finished but two or three at a time ain't bad and this I now accept. I will start what I want when I want and if the project is meant to be some point it will be.

So what have I allowed myself to start? What wonderful project revved my little knitting engines? VIVIAN by Ysolda. She has been in my que for some time but I had another revelation about something I do to stomp my happy knitter. I save the projects I really want to do and then work something that I want to do but don't love as much. Weird. This too will stop as the love for this project is immense. I am using the Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Lobster Mix. I originally purchased the yarn to make A Little Ruffle but the pattern bored me to tears and the yarn was calling to be something pretty and a bit more interesting. As I finish my first sleeve I see that this was a perfect marriage of yarn and pattern. Off to a great re-start to my 2010 knitting year.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quickie Post: Ysolda at Lorna's


Delete Your Facebook Page Day --As It Will Have No Effect Whatsoever

Ok. So a number of people, at this time about 700, are pissed at FB and will be deleting their pages based on the new security settings FB has forced on us all. Apparently, the new security settings provide a lack of well, security. Last count there were 65 million facebook accounts. You do the math.

Anywho, if you want to delete your Facebook page on May 31st, you can read about how to do it at the Huffington Post Blog Needless to say I will not be deleting my page and if you're a logical person who will also be keeping yours find me here The article also includes steps to change the settings that are causing the upset. Lastly, if you want a walk through, here is a video link that walks you through beefing up your FB security. Enjoy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Original: Madonna Fierce at 51!!

Who else could pull off this shoot?

Here is Madonna shot by Mert aLas for the May 2010 issue of Interview Magazine.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shoe Bows---Random but Cute

With all the adorable flats that everyone is wearing you need a cute way to make yours stand out. Well now you can change your shoes daily with these adorable accessories. Ms. Beatrice walks you through making shoe bows.

You know you wanted to know how.

DIY Shoe Bows

New Location for Fashion Week

I'm hella late but if you're reading this odds are you were wondering too. Here's a link with fun information.