Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mean Girls 2

I am not sure how this version is in any way a sequel in that there are none of the original actors, writers (Tina Fey) or charm. It is obvious from the trailer that this version will not lend another classic line like : "Boo, you whore!!" (Say it out loud to get the full effect.) Amazing, isn't it?

In this version it's the Anti-Plastics vs. The Plastics. In reality The Plastics would wipe the floor with their flannel wearing nemisi but I will rent the DVD just to see exactly how the not-the-Lindsay's will reign victorious. Yes, Disney is wise enough to know that there is no box office draw to this film but if you're at the Red Box on a random Tuesday night....

Here's the trailer : um, enjoy? *shrug*
Mean Girls 2

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