Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MAC and Dutch Industrial Designer Marcel Wanders Collection launches today

Today MAC in collaboration with  Marcel Wanders is launching a new collection. One that isn't about color but about structure and packaging.

I am always amazed at Mac's ability to keep our interest with at least two new launches a month. Sometimes they are about new colors but at this point the more interesting launches include a story as with the Tartan Tails or just about cool new packaging. We already love the brand..we just want another reason to buy more MAC. The packaging gimmick gets me as I am always de-potting and condensing my makeup to be as efficient as possible. My kit is huge and the last thing I need is more makeup with awkward angles and bobbles on it to make my life even more difficult. So this means that cool newly designed packaging goes into my personal collection of makeup. Treats galore. MAC always comes through and gives the makeup artist with over 50lbs of makeup another reason to buy and I love them for that.

You can check out the work of Marcel Wanders at

Read an interview with Marcel about this collection here.

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