Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick Note

I have been bad about blogging but I have been really busy. Its weird that when you have the most to talk about you don't have the time to blog it.

I finally found a decent part-time job to tide me over until I get my "big-girl" job. A bit scary that I am not that concerned about that. Wish I had an explanation.
I have had a couple of wholesale jobs and custom work on Etsy which has also kept me busy AND I actually dusted off the sketchbook. I've been alittle upset with myself because I haven't made anything that I have come up with and lately I have had a million ideas and sketches and made nothing. Just saw a you tube video with Russell Simmons where he said that if you leave your ideas inside you they'll make you sick.

I have felt sludged. Time to clear out.

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