Monday, January 12, 2009

Beautiful Yarn + Gorgeous Pattern = Shiteous Hideousness

I am so bummed and its all my fault. A couple posts back I mentioned the gorgeous Helen's Lace yarn I got from going on a Tour of Lorna's Laces downtown. Its the Aslan colorway. Take a look :

Its loveley (intentional). Really. Its 50/50 wool and silk. Soft, sturdy and warm. Its has been petted many times before I decided on just the right pattern for it. I finally fell in love again with Jenn Jarvis's Spiral Lace Hoodie above. I did a swatch in a totally different yarn because I don't have a ballwinder and was not looking forward to winding 1200 yards before I even knew whether I could stand the lace pattern. Well the lace repeat is easy and intuitive. So I wound about 100 yards of the Helens Lace, got a little impatient and decided to do a swatch. OOOOOOH THE PAIN!!!! Here I am with a beautifully dyed yarn that is eating my lace pattern and there is STILL LIKE 1000 yards to wind by hand AND NO PATTERN TO WORK.

Knitting Mood : Frustrated

So I will be on the hunt for a pretty solid laceweight to complete the hoodie. The Helen's Lace will become a shawl. All suggestions are welcomed.

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