Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Basics, Basics, Basics...

and apparently I know none.

A knitting buddy and I decided that we are going to embark on the road to our masters. Knitting Masters that is. The Knitting Guild Association has a correspondence series where through a submission of a series swatches you qualify your skills as a knitter. I have none.

In the two days since I received the instructions I have had to learn proper Continental Knitting. I was committing the sin of combination. My style was probably fine but I did not want to waste my time crossing my fingers as I knit just hoping that all would be well. (that might hurt) So I took a full day coming back up to my usual knitting speed.

The first swatch is nothing but ribbing and garter stitch, bind off and weaving in of ends. Simple right. No silly, its not. It took me all day to knit a 20 stitch swatch. And one day later I am still avoiding the second swatch. I am a chronic perfectionist which typically leads me into idleness. Tomorrow morning I will tackle swatch number two involving some crazy increase that I have never heard of and no amount of You Tubing is helping.

Honestly, my anal, perfectionist, nerdy inner child is very happy to have something so incredibly detail specific to work on.

I'll get some pictures up of my swatches as I get them done. Stay tuned.

edit:add: Oh and I just read somewhere that I did half of my bind off wrong. So I have nothing finished. Faneffingtastic!!!!!!

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Jen said...

Ohh, glad to hear you guys are starting that. I looked up the info after you left on Sunday and decided it was not for me. That's a lot of work. I can't wait to see how it goes for both of you. Good luck! :)