Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Latest Discovery: Mark Ryden: The Tree Show

Some of you know I took a trip to San Fransico last week. I was there with just three days to wander. I decided after my stuffing at The Butler and The Chef bistro that I would wander around SFMOMA: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was too cheap to pay the $20 admission and decided to wander the amazing--almost block long-- SFMOMA store instead. Joke was on me as I ended up spending five times that on books and souveniers.

My prized find was The Tree Show. A book about painter Mark Rydens Tree Show exhibit in LA in 2007. Yes I am late to the party but I'm so glad I finally came. I am in love with Ryden's wood nymphs, modern Madonna's and his lavish art history references in such modern, fantasy like paintings. Finally a modern artist I can look to who loves Bernini as much as I do. The painting to the left, The Tree of Life, is almost an education in art history all on its own.

The rub: He had a book signing two days after I left San Francisco. I am ok with this as I now follow him on twitter and regularly visit his website http://www.markryden.com/ as  I know he has to make it to Chicago sometime.

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