Saturday, September 27, 2008

Catching Up

I have been spanked for not blogging but I have to admit that I have had alot going on that I am not particularly happy about. The big engagement that I had just did not work out so I have moved back to Chicago. I am happy to be home. I have missed the big city and all its culture for the past four years.

The west coast is beautiful but I guess I am a midwestern girl through and through.

Of course the first thing I look for in coming home were yarn and fabric shops. There are plenty of great fabric shops all over the place. I am especiall excited about Vogue Fabrics. There are plenty of yarn shops but I will miss Knit Purl. It was a great place to work for the short time that I was there. I will be doing alot of online ordering from there for sure.

Ok. Well I will def have more to post as I get situated at home. More projecs, more life, mo betta!



Anonymous said...

Do not despair! There are good yarn stores here too! Keep your chin up and things will get better!

Anonymous said...

I'm poking around blogs from the Falling for Ewe swap and I thought I'd say hi, welcome to Chicago, and if you are anywhere near Uptown, we have a great group of gals who meet on Sundays at Starbucks on Broadway/Lawrence. :)

(Flourish on Rav - not your swapper :)