Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Blog

Well I am starting this blog because it seems like everyone who sews has one. What a great way to show off your creations and get feedback.

I am a little apprehensive. I mean who finds these things. I look at blogs of friends and blogs mentioned in magazines but are there people who just surf blogs? Why not, right. There is always someONE doing that some THING and that is what worries me. My only defense is to make great clothes and write interesting blurbs. I think I can do that.

Also, I am wondering if this deal is like myspace. I mean you have templates but is there a site called (If you have no idea what I am talking about .....good for you. Stop wasting your time on the internet and continue doing all those productive things you usually do).

I'll put pics up of the things that I have been making pretty soon. I have a new half-mannequin coming from ebay. (well, you know what I mean). Then I can take some great pictures that will go here and on my etsy store. Of course.

I am also going to the Threads show today and will post pics of that too when I get back tonight. I'll also post a link to Threads when I figure out how to do that. And for full time I am in IT. Sad.

I want this blog to be about fashion. I'm obsessed and I want to contribute to the community of the equally obsessed. Subjects will range from fabric, sewing, the industry and all things in between and beyond. That is the goal or better yet the intent.

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