Saturday, April 19, 2008

Short and Sweet

I have finished a couple items that I am putting in my Etsy store. I am also adding a PayPal widget to my page so that you can buy things directly frm my blog if you see something that you like. Any questions either email me or click on the Etsy link and there is additional information there.
The top to the left is my fav so far. It is a chocolate brown rayon knit. Durable and really cute. I am over black tops and thought this was a nice progression in a fabric that will always be really popular. There is a bottom band that comes to the hips. I tuck that under to produce a bubble effect that works nicely due to the pleats under the top band.

I made this version so that I can wear it but this top would be even cuter without the bands if you can go strapless. I can make it either way.

I am finishing up a really cute black and white trapeze dress with bottom band today. It may be next weekend before I get pictures of that one up. I love this dress the most because it is the first item that I have made freehand. No drafting just draping and cutting. Perfect beach dress.

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