Monday, April 14, 2008

Threads and Lei's

Ok. So I went to the Threads show yesterday and the clothes weren't really my style. There were some cute things but nothing I wanted. LOTS of T-Shirts. Who isn't print screening? If I see one more T-shirt or hoodie with some whacked out doodle on it I'm goona yak-a-dak all over it!!! Alot of the girls there were wearing things that I would pay for but I saw nothing to buy. A GF got a pair of Dior sunglasses for $150. Not bad. The fashion show was amusing. The bloody mary's were bomb!! And scene.

Discovered my new favorite bar in Hillcrest. The Lei Lounge is fantastic. I'll start a new links sections for fav haunts. Its gorgeous with cabannas and hot cabanna boys and girls. There is an inside bar and the back is open and everything is white. I know, 90s Miami but for SD it's a real step up. The drinks are fantastic. I started with an acai and vodka concoction that was about a B- and followed up with a pineapple basil cocktail that will now be my drink. It's Fierce. Sunday's are the best days to go and chill. No one leaves. I don't remember how many hours I was there, literally don't remember but there were others there before us and still there after I blacked out. They also serve some cocktails in pitchers which are half off after 5 or six.

It was a great day shopping and drinking with the girls and the 'girlz'. There are pics somewhere.

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