Saturday, April 26, 2008

In Recovery

Suffering through a hang over here. Not the worst but still not fun. Trying to get together some energy and work on two dresses. One for me and one for a girlfriend. She has been so sweet and patient on waiting for it. I think I finally found the fabric for it this morning on Fashion Fabrics Club. She didn't like two others that I got so lets hope that there are some winners in this bunch (**fingers crossed**)

Went to Bar West last night with friends. There was open bar for two hours. Having once been Margarita Rocks the place is much improved you'd never know that a Taco Tuesday ever happened in that joint. We then wandered arond PB. Ended up at Tower 23. Then proceded to shake off some dudes at Long Boards. Loooong nite. The girls are now wine tasting in Temecula. My girls are rock stars. I am not.

The best thing that came out the deal is my new pair of jeans. For real. If you are ever at Burda Style . Then you know my delimmma. The story is that I had a wonderful pair of $20 Donna Karan jeans that I picked up in a pinch at my neighborhood Marshalls. I didn't try them on. I just picked up a size 8 petite and the lycra tag told me they would be just fine. $20...who really cares. Oh, the joke was on me. I LOVED those jeans. I got compliments from girls and guys in those jeans. I wore them so much I killed them in six months. The thighs wore out on me. So for the past few weeks I have been making due with my second and third string jeans. (some old sevens and my no name fat-day jeans) I had a tough day personally on Friday and told myself that I was buying the first pair of jeans that had a size 29/8 label that made my butt look great. Again, joke on me. Went to Nordstroms on my lunch hour and the ladies were wonderfully attentive helping me round up four pairs of David Kahn Jeans. The first pair slipped on so nice and easy. They are a little high waisted but my butt looks fantastic and thats the point!!
I like that the jeans are made in the US. The denim used is both from the US and Japan with a California wash. I got lots of compliments on them. My denim world has been restored to order. I wore them with my fav Maddens . All of this and my chocolate brown top that is for sale below. I looked and felt great. Had fun with friends. It was a good night.

I'm feeling the need for a new bag. The bags I love are the Prada fairy bags but God only knows the things I would have to do to get a $3000 bag.

NEW TO ME: Yeohlee Teng

I was reading the Fashion Informer blog. And she has an interview with Ms. Teng. Her designs are fantastic and her design philosphies are even better. Take a look.

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