Thursday, April 24, 2008

You must blog at least once a day

Reason being that now I have only about two hours before I have to go to bed and about 10 hours worth of things to tell you about. So I picked the one closest to my heart-fashion wise.

I wish that I had a better picture but the Balenciaga dress above is most likely my favorite dress of all time. It is simple, elegant and sweet. One day I will knock this off. Maybe a wedding dress.(whenever THAT happens ;)) Don't tell anyone I said that. Shh!

I found the dress in Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B. Shaeffer. Once I saw the dress I found myself picking up the book again and again just to look at that dress. I had no real knowledge of Balenciaga at the time (I am ashamed to say). Luckily the author saw fit to fill the book with many Balenciaga dresses and muslins/toilles. I am now obssesed with Cristobal Balenciaga. He IS modern fashion. Period.

Once entranced by his dress I wanted to know more about him. I am reading Balenciaga by Lesly Ellis Miller. The information is great. I am disappointed by her choice of dresses displayed in the book but I understand the reason behind each one. Unlike other books on fashion it focuses on the business behind the house rather than the amazing dresses alone. I find it fascinating how an artist turns thier passion into a successful business that endures the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. Again amazing.

There is also a timeline essay on Balenciaga on the Met website Click here for notes on a genius

Second Note: My current fabric passion:PLAID.

I don't know where this started but I woke one morning wanting a plaid dress. (I often dream of dresses. No lie. I told you I was obssesed-see first blog) Now, as usual it's just a matter of finding the right fabric. I really want one now that I see that plaid will be the casual separates color for fall.

I really want a sweet pretty dress. I will have to draft one myself. I have already gotten away from using patterns now on to the next frontier. I also want a cute plaid shirt. I was thinking that I would finally make the JJ Top from Burda Style

but with all the ruffles and fuffles it might take a year to finish in a plaid. Otherwise a top with bell sleeves and a sash would be cute. Tough decisions, really. I like the silk plaid from Fashion Fabrics Club that I have posted here. Would that make the cutest dress ever or what?????

Final Note:My machine is acting weird.

The tension is way off. So it's time for cutting, drafting and adjusting right now.

She'll head to the shop this weekend so that they can show me what I have done wrong. I am sure the machine is fine. I am just at a loss on the best way to fix the problem.

Good night.

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